Support peace education and youth leadership

The PeaceQuest Leadership and Education Initiative is launching an ambitious plan to engage students, teachers, and Canadians to promote peace, sustainability, and social justice.

Our priorities for the year are,

  1. Bring together teachers and build networks to bring online peace education resources to more schools, especially through our website for teachers,
  2. Launch a new Peace Ambassadors program for youth leaders.
  3. Work with others in the peace, arts, faith and culture communities.

Our goal is to raise $20,000 for 2020 to produce peace resources and to create opportunities for youth to learn how to become activists for peace!

PeaceQuest was founded in 2012 in Kingston by an inspiring group of peace educators and activists committed to promoting peace through education, the arts, policy advocacy, and faithful action. Since then, it has grown to include local community groups, partners and supporters across Canada.

Thank you for everything you do for peace!

How to give:

Make your donation online, or by mail to:

PeaceQuest Leadership and Education Initiative
c/o Steven Staples, chairperson
225 Sumach Street, W303
Toronto ON   M5A 0P8
m. 647 327-7187

or whatever you can afford.