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PeaceQuest is your go-to newsletter for insightful articles, dynamic discussions, and impactful opportunities for positive change. Published every Saturday morning, PeaceQuest is an independent and reader-funded initiative that strives to promote peace education through community dialogue and action.

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PeaceQuest is tailored for individuals passionate about fostering a world of understanding, cooperation, and peace. If you are interested in staying informed about pressing global issues, engaging in meaningful discussions, and taking tangible steps towards a more peaceful world, then PeaceQuest is the newsletter for you.

Why PeaceQuest?

With nearly 500 thought-provoking articles since its inception in 2020, PeaceQuest has been a beacon for over 700,000 readers seeking credible, engaging content. The newsletter covers a spectrum of formats, including articles, webinars, petitions, podcasts, quizzes, polls, and infographics, ensuring a diverse and captivating reading experience.

Actionable Insights and Community Engagement

PeaceQuest isn't just a source of information; it's a catalyst for action. Encouraging its community of readers to actively participate in discussions and take meaningful steps towards peace, PeaceQuest provides a platform for individuals to make a difference.

Meet the Author: Steven Staples

Authored by Steven Staples, a distinguished Canadian writer and researcher with over three decades of experience in social movements, PeaceQuest benefits from the wealth of knowledge and insight that Staples brings to the table. As the Vice-President of the International Peace Bureau and Treasurer of the Council of Canadians, Staples is a respected figure in global peace advocacy.

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PeaceQuest finds its home on Substack, a premier subscription network for independent writers and creators. Substack offers a world-class reading and listening experience, ensuring that subscribers receive content in an accessible and engaging format.

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More than just a must-read Saturday morning newsletter; it's a catalyst for action. Participate in community discussions and take meaningful steps towards peace. PeaceQuest provides a platform for you to make a difference. Join us!


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