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I’m so excited because I just relaunched PeaceQuest using a new reader-supported platform for independent writers called Substack.

Everyone in the PeaceQuest community has a free subscription to Substack and will continue to receive our well-known Saturday morning newsletter.

But our future impact for peace education depends on paid subscribers.

Subscribe now at $5.50/month, or $55 per year, and you can claim your free copy of Naomi Klein's "Doppelganger: A Trip into the Mirror World" (hardcover, a $38 value).

My heart just swells when I see that we are almost half-way to our goal of 25 paid subscribers this month.

If you have become a paid subscriber this month - thank you <3

If not yet, I hope you will be the next one!

To access PeaceQuest and Substack’s incredible array of writers and readers - just enter your email address when you are asked to sign in.

Thanks for everything you do for peace,

Steve (and Nessie)

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Policy analyst and author Steve Staples takes a critical look at national and international issues.
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