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Secret Code

This book explains what's hidden in the peace symbol

Did you know that there is a secret code inside the peace symbol? There is!

This new book by Michael Long and Carlos Velez is called Three Lines in a Circle. It tells the exciting life of the peace symbol - and the secret code the artist put inside this famous design. 

It’s a terrific book for you, kids or grandkids  - and there is even a section at the back for adults with more information about the peace symbol. 

You can claim a free copy when you become a paid subscriber of PeaceQuest and support peace education - a $24 value. 

A subscription is only $5.50 each month, or $55 per year (a saving of 17%).

I have 25 copies to give away, so don’t miss out. 

  • Three Lines in a Circle: The Exciting Life of the Peace Symbol. By Michael G Long and Illustrated by Carlos Vélez. (Picture book, 2021. $24)

P.S. Existing paid subscribers can claim their free copy when they donate $55 or more to PeaceQuest.

Thanks for everything you do for peace. 

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