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Linda McQuaig

Political columnist quotes PeaceQuest in the Toronto Star

I received some notes from readers this week urging me to check out the Toronto Star. Political commentator Linda McQuaig quotes PeaceQuest in her column about the links between Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre, Donald Trump, and the military (more on her column in Saturday’s newsletter).

By including PeaceQuest in her column she helped us reach potentially millions of readers – giving a huge boost to our peace education work.

Linda McQuaig is the author of many influential books on essential topics like democracy, climate change, foreign policy, and the economy.

I know you’ll enjoy her writing.

So, for the rest of February, if you become a paid subscriber of PeaceQuest you can claim a free copy of your choice of three books by Linda McQuaig.

Special free book offer

Choose from these titles by Linda McQuaig

Sign-up as a paid subscriber for $5.50 each month, $55 a year, or a special gift of your choice above $55 (if you are already a paid subscriber, click the button below and select ‘manage subscription’), and you can claim a free copy of one of these books:

  • The Sport and Prey of Capitalists: How the Rich Are Stealing Canada’s Public Wealth, by Linda McQuaig (2019, Paperback)

  • The Trouble With Billionaires: Why Too Much Money At The Top Is Bad For Everyone, by Linda McQuaig, and Neil Brooks (2011, Paperback)

  • War, Big Oil and the Fight for the Planet: It's the Crude, Dude, by Linda McQuaig (2006, Paperback)

Watch for the special link in your confirmation email to make your choice of books and claim your copy.

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