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George asks Naomi why she wrote about it in her new book

I was just watching this great conversation between George Stroumboulopoulos and Naomi Klein about Doppelganger: A Trip Through the Mirror World.

I really like his first question, which I'll come back to in a sec.

But first I wanted to remind you that this is the final week you can claim your free copy of Naomi Klein's latest book when you become a paid subscriber to the new PeaceQuest weekly newsletter on Substack.

Subscriptions are $5.50 per month or you can save a bundle and subscribe annually for $55 per year.

You're supporting peace education and you can claim your free copy.

I have mailed over 20 copies to new subscribers this month. Michael in Kingston said, "It's a great read and a concrete way for me to deepen my appreciation of the context in which we're trying to build peace."

Susan in Kelowna said, "I can totally relate to the anguish she describes as friends and family slipped down the rabbit hole, and I'm looking forward to finding out what, if anything, can be done about it."

Check out the YouTube interview with Naomi Klein and hear what she says when George asks her why she decided to write about her own personal life in this new book.

The PeaceQuest newsletter will be back on Saturday.

Until then, thanks for everything you do for peace.


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